Sometimes we want to reach out for support when we are struggling, but don't always know who to contact.  Below is a list of helpful & useful contact numbers, and websites that can help when things are starting to overwhelm.

Useful resources

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Learning new ways to cope is important when trying to recover from our self-harm.  But sometimes when we are in crisis or triggered, it can be difficult to know what will help.  Below you can find a list of different emotions we may feel that can lead to self-harm, and some alternatives to try before self-harming. 

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When we are approaching a crisis, knowing what to do can be  difficult.  Sometimes it can help if you have a crisis care plan completed to help you, as well as those around you, what to do or try to support you through the crisis.  Below is a template of a crisis care plan that you can adapt and personalise.   (It can help to do this with someone you trust e.g. Family member or your CPN etc.

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